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Every day I am in contact with so many people. I receive emails, I talk to people on social media and I answer emails. I chat with a lot of different people on SMS and on different chats. These people are most of the time new to me and they are often interested in AntiGravity. 

When I am moving around in Stockholm, I am in constant contact with people. I see faces passing by, I see feet walking faster and faster. Nowadays I miss eye contact because most of the people I meet are staring at their screens. When I catch a glimpse of a person’s eyes, I can tell so much. I am not only in contact, I also connect with that person on a deeper level if that person dares to hold eye contact with me. 

I run almost every day. It is my meditation. I never run quickly and I rarely wear headphones, which gives me the opportunity to really see the people I meet. On every run, I let my body decide the pace, my flow for the day. When I run, I am also in contact with a lot of other runners in Stockholm. I look at their faces and I smile, I say Good morning or I give them a high-5. Sometimes they smile back, but most of the time they are somewhere else, listening to something in their headphones, not being present with their breath. Their faces do not have any expression or they look like they are fighting for every step forward. I still feel I am in a sort of contact with them, but I lack connection. I will soon explain why. 

More than that, I also talk to people on the phone and meet a lot of people during my classes. As soon I get away from one-way communication – messages – I am searching for connection. In today’s society we are all connected, some of us have contact as well, but mostly we lack connection. I have plenty of friends on any social media that I am connected with and sometimes I am in contact with, but it is hard to create that connection through social media and the digital space. That’s why I appreciate every time I meet people in real life. Then I have the chance to create a heart-to-heart connection. That is something so pure, so beautiful, so real. When we can be ourselves without any roles or layers, not holding back, our true essence shows. 

It is all about being true to myself, present and being vulnerable. Dare to show the real me. Because when I show who I really am, I am creating a safe space for other people to step in and be real as well. This is the beauty of teaching AntiGravity. When I teach, I connect with the people in the room. As a first step, I do that through the names of my students, which means sometimes that I need to learn about 15 new names for every class I teach. 

Connection to people is what makes me feel alive. I am so curious about people and how I can help the persons I meet, to sparkle from their hearts, feeling fully alive. When we do not hide behind excuses or fears we can open our wings. When we are not in resistance or holding on to control we can be in flow. When we let go and step into the unknown without any expectations we suddenly are free. 

Often we want too much, we push so hard and we are never satisfied or thankful for what we actually have. That makes us start from a place of lack instead of being thankful for what we actually have. I have been there myself for many years and I see a lot of people around me still being there. That is why I open up space during my AntiGravity classes. I allow people to step in to just be and start to connect to themselves. Because you know what, it is impossible to connect to other people if you are not connected to yourself. That means facing all that is in you in that specific moment and do not run away from yourself. Do you dare to sit with yourself? Can you enjoy your own company without any likes on social media? Can you stay true to yourself even though other people tell you what is best for you? 

By connecting to yourself and your own heart, you will also connect to other people’s hearts. And when you connect to other people’s hearts you will feel abundance and being deeply thankful for what will flow from that connection. 

With love,