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I am a traveller and I will always be. I have a genuine interest in people and I am here to share, be of service and help. So when I travel, I love to connect to people on a deeper level. I am interested to know who the people I meet are and what their heart beats for. This is why I have learned so many languages and that I speak four languages fluently, Swedish, Croatian, English and Spanish. I also speak German and and a little Italian. When I meet people, speaking their mother tongue, I am not just an ordinary tourist. I have another opportunity. I can get an understanding of the nuances of their life, I can understand their heart’s longing and I understand what they are coming from. This is why I travel. 

Of course, I love to experience nature. I love to feel at one with nature, to feel whole. I am travelling to cities as amazing places in nature. What I always try to find is some kind of nature. In any city I find urban nature. I love the phrase in Spanish “ perderse en la ciudad”, just going with the flow and doing what comes to mind or if I translate it to English getting lost in the city. So with my curious mindset and a explorer’s mind, I very seldom plan my holidays more than somewhere to stay. The rest will find its way. 

This trip started with one week in NYC, where I did not do a single tourist thing. I went to the AntiGravity Lab and I spent plenty of time in the AntiGravity Hammock as well with my AntiGravity family. Some of the days I went to bed early because of jet lag. Some days I did dance bachata until late, flowing with the music. My mornings I spent running in Central Park, my evenings in the AntiGravity Hammock. My purpose of the stay in NYC was as you already know to take an instructor trainer course so I can teach instructors in Sweden the advanced course of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga. I still did not know more about my next stop, more than that I had my ticket in my hand. I knew I was in good hands though. 

The following week I took the plane to a country that has always been on my mind. I have heard so much about Costa Rica and since long I have had a dream to be able to share AntiGravity there. So last September I was visiting my family at the AntiGravity Lab and of course they knew this amazing girl in Costa Rica, Melania. I got her email. From there we started talking, understanding each other, what we would like to create together and when I was in India this fall, I just decided. I needed to meet this wonderful human being. So I booked the trip and here I am visiting her world and her family. I am received with open arms, being part of her life. I am so humble and grateful. I am meeting her partners and friends and I am hanging upside down in the AntiGravity Hammock in Spanish for the first time in my life. Two days ago we visited a place where we will have our first joint venture – an AntiGravity Retreat. I will tell you more about that in a future post. We are so excited! 

The last two days I have been spending on the beach by the Pacific ocean. One of my friends back home  knew a woman who rented space and I had the opportunity to once again connect to a beautiful woman and share our worlds. I saw magical sunsets as full moon rises, I listened and saw so many birds, I played with the waves for ours, I ran along the beach, I meditated, I danced with the stars and the full moon on the beach, a sang from the bottom of my heart, I gazed at the stars and I met so many amazing people, I shared my dreams, I shared my fears, I comforted, I listened… This is what alive means to me. 

In Costa Rica, I for the first time do not feel like a gringa. Here I do not have to prove that I speak Spanish first, here I am “Pura vida con los ticos” and I am so grateful for that. This is also why I would like to share Costa RIca with you all in the future. I feel so included even though I am not part of anyone’s family here. Mexico already has my heart, but now Costa Rica has received a part of my heart. I am forever thankful for having this opportunity being a traveller and not a tourist. 

Please read my next blog post that will be part 2 of this story.

Thanks for taking your time. 

With <3