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We are all connected somehow. We all have invisible wires intertwined that somehow channel energy. Einstein said ‘ Everything is vibration’ and I believe it is true. That I can feel the presence of somebody near me with eyes closed or feeling the warmth of a person’s palms without even touching. Some kind of invisible vibration that creates connection of energy from my heart to another being’s heart. This is pure magic to me. 

When I was young, I somehow felt this energy within myself but also to my mother and my family. As I grew older and as  I started to fill my calendar with a future of events, my energy slowly dissolved. One day it was not there anymore. I was busy running around accomplishing so many things, thinking that success was all about getting the top grades. 

While pushing myself harder and harder into the future, I was disconnecting even more from the people I held dear, not realizing how stone-like I had become. The only time I felt connected as teen-ager and young adult was when I danced. The softness of the breath, my bare feet leading the way and moving at ease with every single part of my body. The rhythm of my heart connected to the rhythm of the music and my body was opening up like a flower. I was in love. I was connected. I was whole. 

The many years of disconnection one day got to an instant end. I hit the wall in a car accident and I survived. All of a sudden I felt so much vibration in me. So much energy. I was in severe pain, but I had rediscovered something. That long gone connection to myself. My body was screaming and I actually listening to what it was saying. 

That day something in me changed. I knew, I had got a second chance and this time I would not waste it. I had a purpose in this world. To enable people to find their sparkle and be fully alive with open hearts. 

On my journey to help people to sparkle, I have understood that step one is all about connection. Finding that deep connection to oneself first and then be brave and open up one’s heart to connect to other creatures on the beautiful planet. 

I know, I am here to serve and recently I shared from my heart. I did something that I felt that the world needed through free movement. I let people connect through music to themselves first, exploring space within them with a curious and open mind. All this with a heart filled with compassion and self-love. Connection is not about how we move and how it looks like. It is all about connecting to your inner longing, to your own heart and igniting your own spark. From that safe place, you can open up and embrace so much love from others around you. 

So, we connected and we danced with our hearts open. We were vulnerable, we were brave and we were giving and receiving. Energy flowing in and out from us at the same time. Connected to ourselves, to the earth, to each other. We explored, we were curious, we laughed, we allowed us to be just us. Us without any layers or roles. Pure. We expressed our feelings, we had compassion and we shared unconditional love. 

This is what connection is to me.