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Pris: 25 SEK

Time: 20:30


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EMBRACE – all that flows in you

Give yourself time to embrace all that flows in you. Instead of running away from emotions, sensations and thoughts, we are embracing it all with acceptance and self-compassion. It is alright to be tiny as well as stronger than ever. One second you master everything and the next one you fall. Through big breaths into the body and playful movement from the inside and out, we also dare to embrace all that needs attention.

You do not have to have any experience of exercise, yoga or meditation. I would like to offer you a space to breathe where everything is allowed to flow within you and where you allow yourself to be in unconditional love. Enter a place where you open up and dare to start listening to what you really need. Celebrate every step you take towards a deeper contact with yourself.

Most welcome!