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Pris: 25 SEK

Time: 20:30


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We are collectors, all of us.  We gather feelings, persons, things, memories etc. But we also collect hurt, stress, emotions of not being enough, of lacking this or that, of not being good enough, of not performing enough… Emotions that make us come from a place of lack instead of overflow. By not letting emotions flow through our bodies, we store them deep down in us, making it hard even to discover them, recognize them and then dig them out. Through big breaths into the body and playful movements from the inside, we start digging deeper. Something needs to die, to be reborn. We explore curiously how we can create space within us through letting go.

You do not have to have any experience of exercise, yoga or meditation. I would like to offer you a space to breathe where everything is allowed to flow within you and where you allow yourself to be in unconditional love. Enter a place where you open up and dare to start listening to what you really need. Celebrate every step you take towards a deeper contact with yourself.

Most welcome!