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Pris: 25 SEK

Time: 20:30


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This class is all about being. It is about your heart – your true self. Dare to stop and land in stillness. Stillness can be all but lovely and we are more than happy to engage us in various activities to avoid being with our feelings. We have all our own monkey mind that gladly starts to chatter when we move into stillness. In this class we move from being in our sometimes critical mind towards a curious and explorative body. We feel with our whole body what is there at the very moment. Let’s tap into stillness and dare to show self-compassion by only being in the now moment.

You do not have to have any experience of exercise, yoga or meditation. I would like to offer you a space to breathe where everything is allowed to flow within you and where you allow yourself to be in unconditional love. Enter a place where you open up and dare to start listening to what you really need. Celebrate every step you take towards a deeper contact with yourself.

Most welcome!