AntiGravity Sweden Suspension Fitness Klasser

Pris: 8500 SEK

Would you like to deepen your knowledge in AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness?

Join us for a 2-day training!

During the 2-day teacher training in AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1 you will be given all the tools you need to teach AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1 in a safe and fun way. AntiGravity® Suspension Fitness 1 will give you the right tools to explore the field of suspension fitness and the 3-dimensional space together with your students.

During this 2-day course you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge in the field of suspension fitness
  • Learn to teach 3 new class designs with focus on functional strength, mobility and flips and tricks
  • Learn how to coach your students safely through modifications/progressions
  • Learn how to spot your students

Level: 2

Requirements: You will need to be a certified AntiGravity® instructor (AntiGravity® Fundamentals 1&2). However it’s important that you are comfortable to lead students and have a desire to help them develop through your coaching. Other important qualities are a desire to happily share your passion for AntiGravity®, that you are clear, happy and see all students equally.

Upcoming training dates: 2 days, 26-27 May 2021

Times: 08:00 – 16:00

Teacher: Isabella

Most welcome!